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Poker gambling fans should also try Omaha poker

By mr-gambling on 2014-11-16 15:08:36

Before the advent of casino gambling online the game of poker had become the preserve of a few diehard poker fans who played amongst themselves on poker evenings at someone’s home or the occasional poker tournament organised by their local casino. Nowadays poker is fast becoming the game of choice for many online casino gambling fans and poker tournaments around the world have seen a massive surge in applications for a seat, including of course the Irish Open. Serious poker gambling fans will obviously concentrate on Texas Hold’em, which is the poker format used in most poker tournaments but the advantage of the online casino gambling sites is that they also provide us with the opportunity to play a number of other versions of poker. Texas Hold’em is popular because of the use of community cards and the number of betting rounds in each hand which usually swells the pot for the winner, but Omaha poker for instance also uses community cards and is equally exciting for those fans of gambling on poker looking for a change. We have included the rules of most common poker gambling formats on our individual gambling games pages, including both Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker. Both these poker gambling formats use five community cards, but each player in Omaha poker is dealt four cards face down instead of two, and must use two and only two of those four hole cards in their showdown hand. You might think that this is not very significant at first glance, but it does effect the value of some combinations of hole cards when it comes to betting in the early rounds. For example holding three of a kind in the hole cards is not as good as it may seem, because remember only two of them can be used in the final hand. There is also another element of gambling on Omaha poker to consider and that is that it is not possible to have two flushes of different suits in the final showdown because at least three of the community cards must be used by each player.