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Online lottery gambling is outside the control of an online casino RNG

By mr-gambling on 2011-04-16 08:28:47

If you enjoy gambling games of chance but still have doubts about the honesty of online games of chance there is a solution and that is to play the various lotteries from around the world. Unlike most other online gambling games which are run by what is known as Random Number Generators (RNGs) gambling on lotteries is solely dependent upon the numbers coming up in the lottery you are playing and is totally outside the control of the online casino at which you are playing. We have no reason to doubt any of the RNGs at the online casinos which we recommend here at as they are independently checked and verified by outside bodies but lottery gambling takes them out of the equation all together. Lotteries are drawn somewhere in the world every day and Wednesdays and Saturdays are very popular with several draws taking place but a point to remember is that when gambling on lotteries online you are not actually participating in the lottery draw itself but you are gambling against fixed odds. The odds will be displayed on the online casino you elect to play but it will depend on how many numbers you are gambling on and how many of those come up in the draw; but an advantage of online lottery gambling is that you can decide your own stake per line. Lottery gambling is one of those things which is quick to do and you do not need to follow the draw, which is just as well as sometimes the foreign  lottery draws take place at inconvenient times for us in Ireland, your money will appear in your account automatically; many gamblers will simply back the same numbers in several lotteries at the beginning of the week which is definitely hassle free gambling.