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By mr-gambling on 2014-01-10 11:19:25

Probably the best known form of Irish gambling is gambling on the lottery and the Irish lottery is one of the best known but with online casinos lottery gambling is much more widespread and you can gamble on the lotteries from Hong Kong or New York or many other places. Online casino lottery gambling is however quite different from buying a ticket as it comes into the category of fixed odds gambling. To put that in simple terms, when you buy a lottery ticket the amount you win will depend upon the amount of money that has been paid in which is a function of the number of tickets sold and also the number of people that have a winning ticket. With online lottery gambling however the online casino will quote you fixed odds against achieving a certain number of correct numbers in the draw so for example in the Irish lottery where 6 numbers are drawn (excluding the bonus ball) you can have odds of 100000:1 of having 5 correct numbers or 6500:1 of having 4 correct numbers right down to 6:1 for having one correct number. The other advantage to online lottery gambling is that instead of paying a fixed price for a ticket, you can decide what you want to stake. Many people like online lottery gambling because it enables them to play at various lotteries from around the world and of course it is one online casino game where the casino does not decide what the winning numbers are. The disadvantage of online lottery gambling is that there are only certain opportunities during the week unlike some other numbers games such as bingo or keno but not having a random number generator decide the outcome is what attracts most Irish gamblers to online lotteries.