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Online gambling on poker with a twist

By mr-gambling on 2015-01-04 13:24:44

Gambling on poker can be a very expensive business if you do not know what you are doing and get caught up in an expensive game with experienced players but of course you can always restrict losses by gambling for very small stakes at an online casino but there is an alternative way to learn to play poker and that is by gambling on let it ride poker. Let it ride gambling is available at most online casinos and it is a simple gambling game played against the house with no raising or bluffing meaning that you cannot lose more than you stake in any single hand. Gambling on let it ride at an online casino is a little bit different from most card games in that instead of raising the stakes when you have a good hand, you start off with three bets on the table and remove two of them during play if you so wish which is a bit like online gambling in reverse but the effect is the same. Gambling on let it ride commences with three bets being placed after which five cards are dealt but only three are face up and based on this the player must decide whether they can form a winning hand or not. A winning hand in let it ride gambling is simply a pair of tens or better; the dealer has no cards so a winning hand is a winning hand. If the player thinks that the three cards together with the two face down cards will form a winning hand then they will let the second bet ride which is where the name of this gambling game comes from. The alternative is to remove one of the bets but either way play continues so the player can still win with a good hand. The process repeats itself with the final card and winning hands are paid. As gambling games go let it ride is quite interesting and it certainly teaches the sequence and value of poker hands.