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Online gambling in the USA is a question of when not if

By mr-gambling on 2012-04-30 09:22:00

In recent general gambling news we find that Ladbrokes has reported profits 3.9% up on the previous year helped by strong results at Cheltenham (which is good for them but not for us as punters) and an increase in over the counter gambling at shops but what is surprising is a 22% increase in profits from the gambling machines which are located in those shops. We have reported several times in the general gambling news that machine gambling is not a good idea when online gambling and online casinos are so readily available and which offer much better odds than machines in a bookmakers shop. Interestingly online sports gambling is also up some 22% according to Ladbrokes which we can completely understand due to the convenience of online gambling. Also back in the general gambling news is the long running saga about online gambling in the USA and experts attending an East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City next month are reported to believe that legalisation of online gambling is a question of when rather than if although it is unclear whether this will be governed at a federal or a state level. The UIGEA (unlawful internet gaming enforcement act) has been in existence for a number of years preventing the American public from all forms of online gambling despite the fact that casino are available in many US states. We shall keep our eyes and ears open in the general gambling news but do not expect any sudden changes. Also in recent general gambling news is the for sale sign that has been put up over our own Irish Lottery. The Government has put up a 20 year license to run the Irish Lottery and unsurprisingly Camelot who run the UK equivalent has shown interest but fortunately for us here in Ireland a clause includes the fact that 30% on revenues must still be given to good causes.