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Online gambling cannot produce certainty of winning

By mr-gambling on 2015-01-06 11:26:18

It is not unusual in the Irish gambling news to find advertisements particularly from horse race gambling pundits who claim to be able to make money but of course they generally make their money from what other people pay them for the tips rather than from gambling itself. Recently however an advert has been banned as it was interpreted as suggesting that success was 100% certain which anybody who is involved with online gambling knows not to be true. It is generally accepted that a certain percentage of gamblers are net winners and that percentage is thought to be around 5% but that is taken across the board of online gambling which therefore includes online poker where we all know there are professional players. The articles in the Irish gambling news do not separate out figures for online casinos or online sports gambling which is a shame as everybody would love to know what percentage of those who frequently take part in gambling at casinos actually do come out on top. It is accepted by all that taken over all players and a long time frame that the online casino will win but surely some players must actually make money on a regular basis or at least those that win the large jackpots. Also in some Irish gambling news is reported that giving children too many Christmas presents could result in them having gambling problems later in life. It is too late now but this rather tenuous argument suggests that children become materialistic by getting all they want which continues later in life which could lead to problems funding their lifestyle which in turn could result in marital and gambling problems. If you think this is all bulls**t, which is an understandable position then simply carry on with your online gambling and give your kids what you can afford.