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Online gambling at an online casino needs good software

By mr-gambling on 2019-03-03 10:22:07

Online gambling software is critical to whether the experience is enjoyable or not which is why many companies spent a lot of time and effort in developing it but there is a major difference between online casino software and sports gambling software. When sports gambling online there is a high probability that the software will have been developed and written by the online gambling company themselves. This is of course a major investment but thought worthwhile if more customers can be attracted. Online casinos on the other hand almost always use casino software which has been written by third parties. These third parties are in fact casino software specialists and some of them are quite large organisations employing hundreds of staff. The larger ones are probably Microsoft, NetEnt and Playtech although there are plenty of other names who are no less good at creating casino games but simply have fewer of them. These companies then market their software to the online casinos for their use. Most casino software companies have multiple contracts with different online gambling sites and most online casinos also use multiple casino software suppliers on their sites. It is quite possible that you have noticed something if you gamble at different online casinos and come across the same casino slots in different places. This is purely due to the same casino software being used.

There are online casinos such as Paddy Power casino that have an exclusive arrangement with one casino software supplier which in this case is Playtech but it seems to be more common for online casinos to use multiple suppliers as that provides a greater selection of casino games and in particular casino slots. Online gambling at a casino is becoming very competitive so a good choice of casino slots is essential. One online casino that is recommended at is CasinoLand and they use no less than 17 different casino software suppliers so the choice of slots is enormous. 17 is probably the most that has come across but many use 5 or 6. The fact that several online casinos use the same software can be a positive advantage in some circumstances for instance when considering progressive jackpot slots. For these games the huge jackpots which often run into the millions of Euro are built up over time by each spin contributing a small amount. The more online casinos that are carrying the slot it is reasonable to assume that that more spins will be played in any time frame and therefore the jackpot will build faster.

With several online casinos using the same casino software, that is no longer a reason for selecting one online casino over another so the casinos have to look for something else to differentiate them from the others. Budding online gambling casino players have an enormous choice of casinos and many of them use the joining bonus to attract new players. In sports gambling the joining bonus is generally a free bet or two but online casinos prefer to give money for use at the casino games and the amount is generally a function of the size of the players first deposit into their account. Another name for this type of bonus is the deposit matching bonus and what happens is the online casino will match the players first deposit Euro for Euro. If you deposit €100 into your account when it is created then the casino will give you another €100. To make it even more competitive casinos will often extend this to the second or even third deposit as well but probably at a lower percentage such as 50%. Unfortunately all is not what it seems with this type of bonus. Whilst it is true that the bonus money can be used to play any of the casino games, getting hold of any winnings from it is less easy. Every online gambling site does of course lay out the terms and conditions of any bonus but many folk do not read them and end up disappointed.

The majority of online casinos will state that the bonus cash awarded has to be staked 40 times before any proceeds can be withdrawn. Taking the above example of a €100 bonus, the player will need to stake €4000 before any winnings can be withdrawn. Not only that but many casino games such as roulette or blackjack are ineligible as they are considered low risk. This requirement is clearly worded so that the online casino has every chance of winning the bonus money back before it ever need be paid out. The other issue to consider when signing up for an online casino that offers this sort of bonus is that it is for new players only so once you have registered and taken the bonus there is nothing more to come.

An interesting alternative in the casino gambling world can be found at No Bonus Casino which is number two on the recommended list of online casinos and can be accessed directly from this site. As the name might suggest this online casinos offers no bonuses to anyone but remains competitive by offering a cash back alternative. Gambling online and getting cash back might sound strange but that is what Nobonuscasino is offering. In simple terms the casino says that if you make a deposit into your casino account and manage to lose all of that deposit on the same day that it was made then 10% will be refunded the very next day as cash. Cash really means cash in this instance as there are no requirements placed on the money refunded, it is placed directly back into your playing account. This makes it your money immediately to do with as you wish including withdrawing it from your account. Even better is the fact that this is not a one off offer exclusively for new players, the same offer is available to all players on every deposit they make into their online casino account regardless of how long they have been a registered member.