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Online gambling across the USA is still uncertain

By mr-gambling on 2014-05-30 15:30:27

The debate about online gambling in the USA rumbles on in the general gambling news with the big players unable to make up their minds. Several States have already seen online gambling as a way to increase their tax income but whether it will ever become legal across the country is still very much in the debate stage as the ability to regulate the industry is uncertain. Regulating and controlling online gambling is of course important to avoid problems with players and possibly the biggest concern in the USA is money laundering. It is estimated in the gambling news that online gambling has revenues in excess of $35 billion most of which is generated here in Europe where gambling online is permitted in most countries. In 2006 the US Government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which although not actually declaring online gambling illegal did prevent banks from making online gambling transactions but as you might expect those who want to gamble online found other ways of funding their online accounts such as money orders or even adding it to their phone bills. Some casino owners are reported in the gambling news as being concerned that gambling online will have an effect on their land based casinos but there is no proof that this will happen. What is certain is that there is a huge market waiting for the chance to take part in online gambling as witnessed when within four weeks of New Jersey passing laws allowing gambling online 110,000 accounts had been opened. Nevada also has online gambling legalised and is reported in the gambling news to have generated $8.5 million in just 10 months which is, it is claimed, not a lot but that depends where you are coming from and do not forget that Nevada also houses Las Vegas which is the largest casino complex in the world. Other states are sure to follow the example and allow online gambling as soon as they see the success of the pioneers.