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Live casino gambling at an online casino sounds strange

By mr-gambling on 2017-04-01 13:39:42

On April 1st it is easy to wonder whether anything you read is a joke and playing live casino at an online casino might well be considered a bit unreal but in actual fact it is possible. Online gambling has come a long way in relatively few years and although online casinos offer a huge range of casino gambling opportunities there were some who thought it did not approximate to an actual casino where there were live dealers so the companies who have gambling online decided to try and do something about it. What they came up with was an arrangement whereby they could equip a room with roulette tables and blackjack tables complete with dealers and transmit what is happening via webcams direct to the player’s computer or other device and they call it live casino. Whether or not this really equates to an actual casino is a point of conjecture and it depends a lot on the reason for going to a land based casino in the first place. Part of the reason that many Irish casino players go to a casino is for the camaraderie and often for a good night out with something to eat and drink. It is also possible to get some pleasure from seeing the reactions of other people to winning or losing. None of this is of course available at an online casino whether you are playing live casino or not as even at live casino there is no one else in the room except dealers and you cannot see what other players are doing.

There is however another reason sometimes quoted for using the live casino option of an online casino and that is to avoid the random number generator which is used at all online casinos to determine the next card or the next number on the roulette wheel. Random number Generators or RNGs have been around virtually since the first computers were invented and probably the first to appear in public was called ERNIE or Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment. Older readers will recognise this as ERNIE was brought into being in the UK when the National Savings and Investment launched Premium Bonds in April 1956. Anybody could buy these bonds for £1 each and each month there was a prize draw which was made by ERNIE. Unlike our own lottery however where the ticket is only valid for a single draw these bonds were valid forever and what is more the Government promised that you could sell them back at any time for the same £1 that you paid for them. Premium bonds are still going in the UK today. To get back to online gambling, these RNGs are used by every online casino although they are a bit more sophisticated than the original. Good online casinos such as those listed on the site at have their RNGs tested regularly by external auditors to ensure that the results are indeed random but there will always be those who do not trust the results generated especially when they are losing.

The live casino does away with this mistrust but then again a good dealer can always cheat if they want to. In truth however no online casino needs to cheat or have a rigged RNG as the odds are always in the favour of the casino anyway which means that with sufficient payers over a long enough time period the casino will make money. Of course this does not mean that every player will lose very time they play, far from it, many players win a lot of the time when casino gambling to say nothing of those that win millions of Euro on a progressive jackpot casino slot machine. The rooms used for live casino can be anywhere but are often in Eastern European countries which presumably has something to do with lower wages than in Western Europe but there are a couple of exceptions such as at All Irish Casino or No Bonus Casino where the live casino room is actually attached to a real live casino in Malta. Even then you can still only see the table and the dealer in that particular room rather than the actual casino floor where the public are playing. This arrangement might however give a better chance of getting a professional dealer or croupier.

Although many Irish casino players prefer the live casino gambling option the biggest drawback is that there are very few casino games played there. Only games that require the intervention of a dealer can be found such as Roulette and Blackjack although others such as Baccarat or Casino Hold’em can be found at certain online casinos. Casino games that cannot be found include dice games such as Craps where the whole idea is that the dice should be thrown by one of the players or casino slots of which there are hundreds at a regular online casino. Considering that slots are probably the most played casino gambling games it would seem there will always be a limit on the number of people who play at the live casino option but that does not appear to have stopped all online casinos from jumping on the bandwagon of live casino although there will be some who play roulette at the live casino and then slots at the regular online casino. Generally speaking there are incentives in the form of a casino bonus for new players to the live casino even if you are a regular at online casino gambling but do not be surprised if the minimum staking requirement is higher than at your regular online casino. If you have never tried the live casino option it can be well worth a look and who knows you may enjoy chatting to the rather attractive dealers of both sexes. At some live casinos you can even select your game according to which dealer is working at the time.