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Keno is a quick fixed odds gambling game

By mr-gambling on 2011-03-09 08:09:36

If you enjoy numbers games such as Bingo then you will probably also enjoy gambling on Keno which is a faster game and can be played against the house at fixed odds. In Keno gambling you can in fact decide at which odds you want to play which sounds a bit strange but with a little explanation you will understand what we mean. There are variations of keno gambling which are outlined in our keno gambling pages but if we stick with the standard gambling game for the purposes of explanation there are a total of 80 numbers of which 20 will be drawn in any one game As the gambling player you can usually select anything up to 15 numbers and the more of your selected numbers that match the numbers drawn, the more you win. It is fairly obvious however that if you select 15 numbers your chances of having a few matches are much greater than if you had selected only 10 and this is reflected in the odds that are offered. For example at  Paddy Power keno gambling the odds offered on getting 5 matches are 2:1 if you select 15 numbers but rise to 8:1 if you only select 10 numbers and in this way you can select your risk level of gambling on keno. The real big wins are only made if you select 15 numbers and match 14 or 15 of them but by gambling on 15 numbers you will have many games where you match 4 or less which may pay nothing at all or at best only 1:2. When gambling on keno you can also of course select the stake for which you want to play so you can gamble for a long time for very little money. Keno gambling is very popular with bingo players as something to do while waiting for bingo games to begin but before gambling it is worth checking the odds which are being offered for various combinations because for whatever reason different online casinos offer different keno gambling odds and the differences can be substantial.