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Irish online gambling company involved in US arrest

By mr-gambling on 2012-07-19 14:31:20

The saga over Irish online gambling company Full Tilt Poker continues to rumble on in the Irish gambling news after chief executive Raymond Bitar was arrested after landing at New York on a flight from Dublin although it is reported in the gambling news that he gave himself up and immediately appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to a range of nine charges and was released on bail. The charges are about the failure of Full Tilt to be able to pay back gambling customers when Full Tilt was stopped from offering online gambling to the US public by the UIGEA although operating a Ponzi scheme seems to be one charge too far. This is in the Irish gambling news because around 250 people were laid off from the Dublin based company and although a number of other online gambling companies have shown interest there is at the moment no news of any possible comeback. The trial promises to be interesting as there are also reports in the Irish gambling news about the legality of the UIGEA bill which was possibly passed through on the back of another more important bill. Also of interest to Irish gamblers although not directly affecting them is the news that Wynn Resorts the American casino operator is investing billions of dollars in a new casino in Macau which is where most of the Chinese people do their gambling. More humorous in the Irish casino news is the fact that the pop band One Direction went to Las Vegas for a bit of drinking and gambling but clearly someone forgot to tell them that unlike in Ireland where the legal age for gambling is 18 you need to be 21 years of age in the USA to be able to either drink or gamble so they were politely asked to leave the casino. Maybe they should stick to online gambling and drink at home.