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If you’re a Bingo or Lottery gambling fan try Keno online

By mr-gambling on 2012-09-19 10:46:02

Even in these difficult financial times, online gambling continues to grow in popularity for both sports gambling and online casino gambling. Most people believe that the increasing number of people gambling on casino games at the online casinos is the result of the huge range of casino games we can now play online and in particular the Bingo and Lottery games which have been introduced. Both of these gambling genres rely entirely on Random Number Generators (RNG) and the result is clearly down to pure luck alone. One numbers game which many people will not necessarily know is Keno, which is a cross between Bingo and a Lottery. Keno gambling requires the player to select up to twenty numbers from a possible eighty on a grid, and the winnings depend entirely on the number of correct selections which match the twenty numbers produced by the RNG. The odds paid out on winning combinations depends on the number of selections made and how many of them are correct. For instance, if there are ten matching numbers from fifteen original selections this will pay more than ten matching numbers from twenty selections. This sounds complicated but the online Keno graphics clearly show how the winning odds are changing as the Keno gambler increases the number of his or her initial selections, and provides the opportunity for players gambling on Keno to choose what odds they wish to play for. Keno is basically a very simple numbers game which requires no skill or experience to play, and it can also be played for very low stakes. If you love Bingo and enjoy trying to pick your weekly Lottery numbers, gambling on Keno will probably suit you down to the ground. Give it a go and have fun.