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Gambling machines in UK betting shops in the gambling news

By mr-gambling on 2012-11-16 12:27:19

In the general gambling news this week we focus on the FOBTs (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) that are available in bookmakers shops in the UK and are being blamed for a rise in gambling addiction. A recent television documentary hit the general gambling news by saying that these machines which incidentally are not legal in Irish bookmakers shops were mostly responsible for an increase in crime and disorder and gambling addiction although still reminding us that some 92% of all gamblers have no problem whatsoever. Online gambling was mentioned in this general gambling news production but even though online gambling is available for many more hours per day it seems to be the machines in the bookmakers and the Bingo halls that are being blamed for the problems. There are probably many theories why actually placing bank notes into a machine is more addictive than working from an online account but one possible reason that has come up with is the fact that when opening an online gambling account it is generally necessary to place a limit on your deposits in a given time frame and if this is done sensibly it will automatically prevent you from exceeding your budget and you can even exclude yourself completely or simply shut down your account. General gambling news has also learned that people claim the FOTBs in use in the UK make it difficult to cash out (we have no direct experience to ratify this claim) whereas of course in an online casino or other online gambling you can simply close the game and any credits are returned to your online gambling account. All in all it seems good that in Ireland at least we do not have FOBTs and we can all carry on with our online gambling without too many problems.