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Gambling giant makes record profits

By mr-gambling on 2015-03-27 08:24:31

There is some good news in the Irish gambling news at least for those that have shares in the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power after the company announced record profits and increased dividends but of course for Paddy Power to make record profits must mean that the gambling public made record losses. Reports do not say in how far the online gambling market was responsible for the increase or indeed how the sports gambling or casino gambling markets fared but what was interesting in the brief report was that Paddy Power is still looking for suitable acquisitions although they be hard to find. In further Irish gambling news there are also the usual reports of people trying to cheat and using dishonest means to fund a gambling habit. Both of these stories come from the UK with the most interesting being an unemployed Romanian who managed to make dents in cards so that he could identify them when gambling on poker and we all know that being able to identify an opponent’s cards is a huge advantage when gambling on poker. Unfortunately this type of cheating can happen at any casino which makes online poker gambling relatively safe. This scam went on for some 6 years across the length and breadth of the UK before being stopped. In another surprising story a finance clerk at a top college managed to steal some £300,000 by issuing duplicate invoices which she then used to fund her gambling habit. This is a story of a married mother of two children and the gambling habit was of all things online bingo. Many Irish gambling people do not even consider gambling on bingo to be true gambling but when it reaches that level of expenditure it surely is so care should be taken in every form of online gambling.