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Controversial advertising in the Irish gambling news

By mr-gambling on 2013-05-15 15:36:20

Paddy Power is in the Irish gambling news again for controversial advertising this time having a go at Liverpool football supporters and offering 25 to 1 for them to win the league next year. The advertisement which some will find distasteful while others will find funny suggests that a genies lamp has been found and  two of the three wishes have already been used up in the death of Margaret Thatcher and the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson with the third being Liverpool to win the Premiership. does not take sides on this issue, we merely report what is in the Irish gambling news. Also in the Irish gambling news this week is the prospect of a new player in the online gambling market and that is who may be remember for failing to attract investment from the Irish version of Dragons Den. The new online gambling site claims to be able to offer better odds and a more flexible in play market but from the point of view of it is going to be pretty hard to compete with large players already in the gambling market. One item that did attract notice in the Irish gambling news is the statement that will offer gambling bets on something not happening such as a horse or a team not to win which would be the same as backing every other horse in a race but much simpler. If they can make that work it would be something that other gambling bookmakers would have to follow but the problem for newcomers is that the big boys have the resources to be able to follow quickly thus destroying any unique selling point very quickly. Nevertheless, likes to see newcomers to the market such as All Irish Casino which was successfully launched a couple of months ago so we wish them every success.