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Cash back at No Bonus Casino if you lose

By mr-gambling on 2014-10-31 09:49:18

If you are considering signing up to online gambling and are looking for an online casino and have looked around a bit you will probably be surprised by the size and variety of bonuses which online casinos are prepared to give to new players but it is advisable to read some of the small print associated with these bonuses before committing as to actually get your hands on the bonus money can be difficult. There is however an alternative in the online gambling world in the shape of an online casino called No Bonus casino which as the name suggests does not offer any form of bonus for new players. No Bonus casino has taken an alternative approach to online casino gambling so instead of offering a one off bonus for new players only, it is offering the possibility of cash back on every deposit made. No Bonus Casino will give 5% cash back on any deposit made and lost in a day so that although you appear to have lost all your deposit, the very next day 5% will reappear in your account and as No Bonus casino points out this is real money which you are free to withdraw or play with as you wish. Unlike other online gambling casinos there are no play through requirements or any other restrictions once you have received the cash. Obviously if you win at No Bonus Casino there is no cash back and this is not a one off bonus as at most other online casinos, this cash back can be applied as many times as you wish and as long as the offer is still available. The choice therefore becomes whether to do your online gambling at an online casino with a one off bonus after which there is nothing available or to get 5% of your deposit back every time that you lose. No Bonus Casino has a full range of casino games, is correctly registered in Malta and uses the well known NetEnt casino software.