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Big slots jackpots are won eventually

By mr-gambling on 2012-03-13 11:32:03

Last month some of you who regularly enjoy online casino gambling may have noticed that the huge jackpot on the slot game Beach Life suddenly reduced so your Irish gambling portal investigated and we have found out that a massive casino slots jackpot was won on the game by somebody from the UK who was a BetFred customer and the jackpot was no less than £5.1 million. Beach Life is of course one of those casino slots that is available on a number of online casino gambling providers but it just goes to show that these massive jackpots are won eventually. The gentleman in question had a very profitable evening as he had previously won £250 on another slot playing for a £1 stake and used those winnings to try his luck for the huge progressive jackpot with spectacular results proving the old adage you have to speculate to accumulate. Gambling on casino slots remains one of the most popular forms of casino gambling and as this proves can be extremely rewarding. Whilst we are talking about the UK, has found a disturbing piece of news which we hope will not cross the sea into our country and that is that a certain Mary Portas considers that bookmakers are “blighting the high street” and that it should be made harder to open gambling premises. As we know from previous articles and from annual reports from major players in the gambling industry high street gambling shops have been closing in large numbers on both sides of the Irish sea with several hundred jobs being lost and although this is undoubtedly partly due to the economic situation it is also due to the rise in online gambling. The bookmakers trade body has quite rightly hit back by saying that there are already enough high street shops standing empty and that gambling providers pay lots of rates or rent as well as tax which helps the government.