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Backgammon gambling is an alternative to poker

By mr-gambling on 2015-09-01 13:56:43

Poker gambling is not for everyone and if you enjoy the challenge in online gambling of pitting your wits and skill against other players rather than against the house there is not a great deal of choice but Backgammon might fit the bill. Backgammon gambling is not that popular in the Western world despite being played on nearly every street corner in some Eastern countries but it is available at some online casinos including fortunately for the Irish gambling public at Ladbrokes casino and Paddy Power casino . In simple terms backgammon gambling is throwing two dice and moving counters around the board according to the number thrown but as you might imagine it is not simply a matter of what is thrown as there are tactics involved and experience does count for something. You may find that when you start gambling on backgammon that you do rather well but do not be tempted to up your stakes too quickly as the better players will want to play for more money. As dice games go it is not a difficult game to follow and the rules are quite simple and of course luck plays a part but a better player will beat a novice over a number of games. To start gambling on backgammon you could do worse than play against the robots which are available at Paddy Power casino which will give you an insight into the game without it costing an arm and a leg after which you can venture into the heads up games which are available for all kinds of stakes. Backgammon gambling is heads up gambling which means there are only two players which makes it a bit easier to remember a players avatar and decide whether you really want to play against them or not which will depend on your experience.