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Will sports gambling fans follow this boxing match

By mr-gambling on 2014-05-06 11:24:11

Nowadays online sports gambling fans have a huge choice of sports to follow, but the old favourites still attract the most attention particularly when it comes to the big events. Horse racing and football remain the big two when it comes to sports gambling in Ireland, but when it comes to a big fight professional boxing can still compete with them and attract a great deal of money. Boxing has had its problems over recent years and many would say that the sport currently lacks the big stars who drew the crowds wherever they fought. The one exception has of course been Floyd Mayweather Jn., but was this weekend the last we have seen of Mayweather in the ring or is there anyone who could tempt him to fight again?. Fans of gambling on boxing may be forced to look for a new hero. Serious fight gambling fans of course will always have a wide range of boxing matches to follow worldwide, as any visit to an online sports gambling site will confirm, but very few seem to attract the attention of less committed sports gambling enthusiasts. Occasionally however well publicised controversy can provide the interest that the boxing promoters and sports gambling companies need, and at the end of this month Wembley will host a typical example of the type of fight. On the 31st May Karl Froch and George Groves will stage a rematch of their controversial fight last November for the IBF/WBA Super Middleweight Championship. Fans of gambling on boxing will remember that Karl Froch retained the title last time out but many observers disputed the result on that night and felt that Groves had done enough to win. Perhaps he was unlucky, although most boxing pundits still have Froch as a strong favourite in the rematch. This fight will however attract a great deal more attention from fans of gambling on boxing than usual because of the disputed result of their first meeting.