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What has 2016 got in store for sports gambling fans

By mr-gambling on 2016-01-05 09:15:14

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and looking forward to what 2016 may have to offer. This time of year sports gambling fans are usually deeply involved in following their favourite football sides and horse racing, but since online sports gambling became widely available we can also follow sporting events all over the world. Cricket gambling enthusiasts for instance can follow England as they attempt to win the test series against South Africa, whereas fans of gambling on tennis will be looking forward to the first major tournament of the year, the Australian Open. Online sports gambling has completely changed our outlook in terms of sporting seasons and it won’t be that long before golf is also attracting our gambling interest. Back here at home football gambling fans may be looking at the English Premier League and wondering whether their pre-season predictions will come anywhere near the final outcome. The apparent demise of Chelsea and Manchester United has put Arsenal back at the top at last, but where did Leicester City come from and can they maintain their form over the whole season. It will also not be long before rugby gambling fans in Ireland and elsewhere will be considering their options for the Six Nations tournament, which again will be difficult to predict. The northern hemisphere sides had mixed fortunes during the World Cup, but can any of those results help us predict who will win the Six Nations this year. Finally let’s go back to Ireland’s favourite sports gambling activity, horse racing. The National Hunt season is well underway but have we yet seen any pointers to who will be successful when it comes to Cheltenham, arguably the biggest horse race gambling week of the year. It may still be the middle of winter here but there is plenty for sports gambling fans to get their teeth into.