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Try something different when online gambling such as Sic Bo

By mr-gambling on 2014-12-14 16:12:45

Online gambling is great entertainment and online casinos offer a huge variety of casino games so instead of gambling on the same casino game the whole time it can be interesting to try a few new ones and one gambling game that is never found in land based casinos but often at online casinos is the ancient Chinese gambling game of Sic Bo. Sic Bo gambling is predicting the outcome of the throw of three dice and unlike craps gambling where there can be several throws to determine the winners, in Sic Bo gambling one throw is all that is required which makes it a very fast gambling game. The playing board for Sic Bo gambling will at first seem very complicated but that is only because all the possible bets have spaces in which to put your chips but a quick look and a couple of games and you will soon be into the swing of things. In a similar way to roulette gambling Sic Bo gambling gives you the chance to place high risk high reward bets as well as low risk low reward bets so for example there are bets which cover high and low totals of the three dice which pay at odds of one to one. Be aware though that as in any gambling game there is a house edge in Sic Bo, so a high number is a total of 11 through 17 and a low number is a total of 4 through 10. This means that 3 and 18 are not included. You can bet on 3 or 18 but as you will quickly realise these totals can only be achieved with three of a kind so that is where you must place your bet. Sic Bo gambling at an online casino is very interesting and well worth a try for something a bit different.