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The live casino option is nice to have when casino gambling

By mr-gambling on 2018-12-13 15:02:14

There is nothing quite like live action when it comes to sports and the fact that you are reading this on means that you probably enjoy a little wager as well. Second best to actually being at a live event is to be watching it live on TV and if you have a bet or two on the outcome it just makes it even more exciting but when it comes to forms of online gambling other than sports gambling it becomes more of a problem. Gambling online at a casino, for example, is always live in as much as what you are watching is actually happening but online casinos also have a section called live casino which tries to bring you closer to the action. In Ireland, unfortunately, there is little choice about casino gambling as the online version is the only real alternative available so people must select between live casino or the regular casino but many do not understand the difference. Gambling online at a casino involves the use of what is called a random number generator which is basically nothing more than a computer which creates random results. This means for example that the random number generator (RNG for short) used in the casino game of roulette has been programmed to produce random results for numbers between zero and 36 and that used for Blackjack has been programmed to produce random results of the 52 cards in the deck. It is therefore the RNG which is producing the results when you play either of these games.

The RNG in these cases should produce exactly the same chances of winning as would be the case in an actual casino. Random results in this case are perfectly acceptable for the online casino as they always have a very slight edge anyway so as long as enough people are playing they will always end up ahead. The margins are very small but for example in roulette the margin comes from the fact that the zero is neither red nor black nor odd nor even and it does not occur in any row or column so these bets will lose when zero drops. In Blackjack it is a little more complicated but the margin comes from the fact that the dealer plays last. These two forms of casino gambling have small margins. Casino slots are much more complicated. In a live casino however there is no RNG and the roulette wheel is actually spun and the Blackjack cards are actually dealt. A live casino is nothing more than a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels and there are human beings there to deal the cards and spin the wheels. To enable you to see what is going on there are cameras at strategic points and they transmit the pictures live to your computer or other device. The placement of stakes and the receipt of winnings happen in exactly the same way as the regular online casino play. These live casino rooms can be located anywhere but are often in Eastern Europe. All Irish Casino operates their live casino from an actual casino in Malta but even then it is not on the actual casino floor but rather in a separate room attached to the casino but at least that pretty much guarantees you well trained croupiers.

Some people prefer standard online casino play using RNGs whilst others prefer seeing an actual dealer but there is no advantage to one or the other. The live casino gambling options are restricted to those games that actually need a dealer so Roulette, Blackjack and other card games such as Baccarat and sometimes Texas Hold’em or Caribbean Stud or even 3 card poker. Dice games such as Craps are not there as it is the punter who must throw the dice in the live version. In regular online craps it is again the RNG that decides the outcome. Casino slots are also not there. There are generally multiple tables for each game at the live casino with a huge range of possible stakes which are often much higher limits than the regular online casino. If you fancy yourself as a high roller then the live casino is definitely for you. Live casino gambling is not used as much as might be expected by Irish casino players but this could well be due to the fact that so many Irish players prefer to play slots. The attraction of casino slots is of course that you can win really large amounts of cash with very little outlay whereas when playing blackjack for example he maximum you are ever going to win on a single hand is 1.5 times our stake which is when you get blackjack. This means that to win thousands of Euro you need to be wagering thousands of Euro. Roulette is similar but at least single numbers pay at 35:1 but nobody spends long at a roulette table pacing chips on one single number only. Slots gambling on the other hand can produce staggering results easily running into the thousands or even tens of thousands of Euro for very modest stakes indeed. To hit the huge jackpots of millions of Euro such as available at slots such as Mega Moolah™, Hall of Gods™ or Mega Fortune™ you will need to be playing the maximum stake per line. Although it is not essential to be playing the maximum number of lines at the same time as the maximum stake per line most people involved in casino gambling who are chasing big jackpots will in fact do so but this can add up to quite a tidy sum per spin. Some of these casino slots do not allow stakes per line but simple assume that everybody is playing the maximum number of lines and let you adjust the number of coins played and the coin value but the effect is the same.  Live casino is a nice option to have when casino gambling but many players registered at an online casino have never actually tried it.