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Texas Hold’em is not the only poker gambling format online

By mr-gambling on 2016-05-10 12:43:58

Widespread access to the internet has had a massive effect on our gambling habits here in Ireland. First of all we took advantage of the opportunity to do our sports gambling online instead of visiting or calling our local betting shop, then the major bookmakers started to introduce casino gambling games on their sites and the change was complete. A great many people here in Ireland did not have easy access to a real casino, and even those that did have a casino within easy reach were not necessarily regular visitors. Access to casino gambling online from the comfort of our own homes has however attracted far more people to the fun of gambling on casino games. Clearly the most popular gambling games online are the slots, but many people new to casino gambling also enjoy the more traditional casino gambling games such as roulette, blackjack and of course poker. Of these poker gambling has been the biggest winner by far and the number of people now gambling on poker online has increased dramatically. There are even specialist poker gambling sites solely to enable poker gambling fans to play against each other. Serious poker gambling enthusiasts will generally concentrate on the Texas Hold’em format of poker, which has become the game of choice for almost all the poker tournaments worldwide, but there are a variety of alternative versions of poker available at most online casino gambling sites which are just as fun to play and may be more suitable for some new players or those of us on a budget. Most of these other poker gambling games can be played against the house for fixed odds, and are ideal for those new to gambling on poker to learn the game and for people who can’t afford to risk the unknown commitment associated with Texas Hold’em poker.