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Texas Hold’em is not the only poker gambling option

By mr-gambling on 2011-10-03 14:43:31

For many years now gambling on poker has normally entailed playing Texas Hold’em or to a lesser extent Omaha poker, both of which use what are called community cards dealt face up in the middle of the table. Many real casinos this side of the Atlantic did not even offer poker gambling as a casino game, but those that did almost invariably concentrated on Texas Hold’em, and even now most poker tournaments are still played in this format. Happily, for those of us who enjoy gambling on poker but also enjoy different forms of the game, online casinos have gradually been re-introducing some of older formats of poker, even including draw poker on some sites. By far the favourite of these additional poker gambling options is 7-card stud poker, which although it does not use community cards to increase the number of betting rounds, does entail each player being dealt up to 5 cards face up in each hand. These face up cards are dealt to each active player one at a time after a betting round, just like the community cards in Texas Hold’em, so that 7-card Stud poker gambling also builds the excitement and the pot as the game progresses. There is also the 5-card version of Stud poker available on many online poker sites, but with only 4 cards dealt face up to each player there is one less betting round, although clearly more players can participate at the table. Both versions of Stud poker are welcome additions to the online poker gambling options available to online casino games players, and with Draw poker also making a come- back for those poker gamblers who prefer a shorter quicker game, we’re sure poker gambling will continue to increase in popularity at our online casinos.