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Take care when choosing online gambling deposit options

By mr-gambling on 2013-01-03 12:39:53

At this time of year it is generally recognised that our credit cards take a hit, particularly this year if predictions of a surge in internet shopping are correct. Using a credit card for shopping online is regarded by many as the best way to pay for our goods because of the inbuilt insurance element of the transaction should things go wrong, but it is certainly not the best way to fund online gambling. Whether you are interested in sports gambling or casino gambling online, there is one important decision we have to make and that is how we intend to fund our online gambling account. All the online bookmakers and the online casinos offer us a wide range of gambling deposit options, but it is important to make the right choice. Quite apart from the ethics of gambling with what is effectively borrowed money, using a credit card to fund online gambling has two other major drawbacks. First and foremost the banks will take an instant dislike to using a card for gambling, and will almost certainly apply a surcharge of up to 2% on the transaction, and then also charge interest from day one because it is considered to the equivalent of withdrawing cash from the hole in the wall. It doesn’t matter what form of gambling you prefer, starting with a loss of over 2% is not a good option. Some banks will even apply a surcharge if you use a debit card, so unless you have easy access to a Paddy Power or Ladbrokes high street shop where you can deposit cash into your online gambling account, you need to consider an alternative. This is where the e-wallets such as Pay Pal or Neteller become attractive as a gambling deposit option. Opening an e-wallet account is very easy, and the account can then be funded using a card if you wish, although preferably a debit card so that you are only gambling with money you have available in your account. An e-wallet account will then enable you to fund your online gambling account or shop online without loss of privacy or additional charges. There is also the advantage that the internet gambling operator has no access to your banking details improving your personal security.