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Take care to choose the best way to fund online gambling

By mr-gambling on 2016-02-14 10:23:37

More and more of us are now beginning to do our gambling online, so it is important that we here at point out one of the most costly mistakes made by some new online gambling fans. Whether your preference is sports gambling or casino gambling, once you have chosen the online gambling site you intend to use the next decision is how you are going to fund your online gambling account. All the major online sports and casino gambling sites offer a wide range of deposit options for new customers, including most credit cards, debit cards and one or more e-wallets. Unfortunately because we have become accustomed to using a credit card for most other online transactions many new customers of the online gambling sites would naturally reach for their credit card as a deposit option to fund their sports gambling or playing casino gambling games online. Clearly using a credit card to fund any form of gambling raises questions as to rights and wrongs of gambling with borrowed money, but the main problem is that the banks will almost certainly penalise anyone using a credit card for the purpose of gambling by applying a surcharge of up to 2% on any such transaction. The banks will also interpret using a credit card to fund gambling as a cash transaction in the same way as withdrawing cash from a cash machine and will therefore charge interest from day one at credit card rates. Many of us already find it difficult to turn a profit from sports gambling or casino gambling, so losing money before even placing a bet makes no sense. It is also unnecessary because there is a far better deposit option available. Opening an e-wallet account with Pay Pal or Neteller is very easy, and once opened can be used to fund your gambling directly. There will be no additional charges because your bank will not know what you are using the account for, and the online gambling site operator will also have no access to your bank details. Using an e-wallet as a deposit option significantly improves your privacy and your online security, so please don’t use a credit card.