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Snooker is a great online sports gambling opportunity

By mr-gambling on 2014-11-14 12:27:19

There is no doubt that online gambling is gradually taking over from the traditional betting shop, even when it comes to sports gambling. Online casino gambling is of course a relatively new gambling activity for most people because most of the gambling games we can now play were not easily accessible if at all, but sports gambling was for the most part generally available. What has changed is the range of sports gambling we can now indulge in online. Clearly horse racing and football remain the top two sports gambling activities in Ireland, but online gambling has made it much easier to get involved in gambling on other sports, particularly those which attract television coverage such as the big snooker tournaments. This month for instance sees the start of the UK snooker championships, one of the highlights of every season and followed avidly by most snooker gambling fans around the world. Many sports gambling fans would argue that snooker is the perfect sport for gambling, with so many gambling opportunities during every match making gambling on snooker an exciting prospect. Although regular fans of gambling on snooker tend to look no further than the top ranked players when predicting a tournament winner there is also one player who no longer plays the whole circuit and therefore tends to distort the world rankings. Any snooker tournament which includes Ronnie O’Sullivan presents a challenge for snooker gambling fans who tend to rely on the current world rankings for their selections, and the UK championships is a perfect illustration of the O’Sullivan effect. Although he is currently ranked just 13th in the world rankings all the major bookmakers have Ronnie O’Sullivan as favourite to win the UK championship this year, and at not very generous odds of 2/1 or 5/2 at best. This does of course mean that snooker gambling fans who favour current world champion Mark Selby, also currently ranked number one in the world can get odds of 7/1 or even 15/2 at Ladbrokes. Should be an interesting tournament.