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Scratch card gambling online is proving a success

By mr-gambling on 2014-09-29 09:29:26

In these days of widespread access to the internet and the exponential growth of online gambling, it is easy to forget the most popular form of gambling in Ireland which is undoubtedly the Lottery. Many of us are now doing all our sports gambling online and casino gambling is becoming more and more popular now that we have access to a vast array of casino gambling games at the online casinos, but many would argue that it was the introduction of lotteries which brought the idea of gambling to the general public at large. It is no surprise therefore that the online casino gambling sites have not been slow to capitalise on our fascination for lottery gambling, particularly our love of scratch cards. Scratch cards were introduced by the lottery operators in response to falling sales of lottery tickets, and the instant results available from scratch cards were an immediate hit with the public. All the major online casino gambling sites now feature scratch card games within their range of gambling games, and all report that scratch card gambling online is proving almost as popular as gambling on scratch cards purchased from our local newsagents. Online scratch card gambling is of course merely a variation of gambling on the slots for the online casino operators, but the concept of gambling on scratch cards is what appeals to us and defines the success of scratch card gambling online. The other important aspect of gambling on scratch cards at an online casino gambling site is the extremely small stakes required. Scratch cards can be purchased for as little as 0.1 euros on many sites, providing hours of fun for very little outlay. However it is also possible to choose to gamble almost as much as you like on scratch cards, with Party casino offering a $500 scratch card for high rollers. There is no doubt that scratch card gambling online is just as popular as purchasing scratch cards on the high street.