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Scratch card gambling is also very popular online

By mr-gambling on 2016-01-23 11:32:27

Whenever there is a debate about gambling there is one area of gambling which tends to be ignored. The anti-gambling lobby regularly attack sports gambling and they are often even more critical of casino gambling, particularly when it comes to slot machines and fixed odds gambling machines in betting shops, but rarely do we hear any comment about gambling on the lotteries. Considering that gambling on the lottery, and scratch card gambling in particular is probably more widespread than any other form of gambling in Ireland, it is interesting that lottery gambling generally escapes any critical attention. The reason is probably very simple, in that without the revenue from the lottery many charities would struggle to maintain their services and this would lead to more pressure on the national budget. Attacking lottery gambling would therefore be politically unwise when government spending is under pressure. It is also obvious that scratch card gambling in particular is a very popular activity across a very wide section of the public, and purchasing a scratch card in our high street shops has become a common addition to our normal shopping trips. In fact gambling on scratch cards is so popular that most online casino gambling sites now offer a variety of scratch card gambling games for us to enjoy. The advantage of gambling on scratch cards at an online casino gambling site is that it is far cheaper to play a scratch card gambling game online than it is to purchase a scratch card on the high street. Most casino gambling sites enable their customers to play the scratch card gambling games for as little as 0.1 euros per card, which clearly offers a great deal of fun for very little outlay. For those of us who prefer to play for higher stakes, most online scratch card gambling games offer us the chance to play for a wide range of stakes, including astonishingly a $500 card at Party casino.