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Red Dog gambling is the simplest of casino gambling games

By mr-gambling on 2013-08-29 12:56:31

Online gambling has many facets, some of which require some knowledge such as gambling on horse racing although many a winner has been selected by name of the horse appealing and there are others gambling forms which are pure luck and many of those games can be found at the online casinos. Roulette gambling is for example a game of pure luck but perhaps the simplest is gambling on Red Dog. You may sometimes hear Red Dog gambling being referred to as “in between” or even “Acey Deucy” but it is all the same game. Red Dog gambling is done with a single deck of cards but there only three cards in any single hand. The casino game starts as with most casino gambling games with the player placing an ante bet after which he receives two cards face up from the deck. To win when gambling on Red Dog the next card must fall between the first two so depending upon what the first two cards are you can evaluate your chances; clearly the best two cards are an Ace and a two as there are 11 cards which fall between them. The number of cards that fall between the first two cards dealt when gambling on Red Dog is known as the spread and for particularly low spreads a win will pay at better odds than the normal 1:1. If the player considers that the third card will fall between the first two then a further bet must be placed which is equal to the ante, if not, the hand is folded and the ante bet is lost. Should the first two cards be sequential (in other words there are no cards that fall between them eg: and 8 and a 9) then the ante bet is returned but in the event that the first two cards are equal a third card will be dealt automatically and if that is again equal you win at odds of 11:1 but if it anything else your ante bet is again returned. Gambling on Red Dog is a very simple form of casino gambling but very fast and good fun.