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Red Dog gambling is simplicity itself

By mr-gambling on 2014-04-26 10:35:36

If you are looking for a fast and furious casino gambling game look no further than Red Dog. Red Dog gambling is an old game with many previous names such as in-between and in fact why it is now called red dog is a bit of a mystery especially as an old name of in-between gave some clue as to what this gambling game is all about whereas red dog gives no clue whatsoever. Gambling on Red Dog is in fact as simple as it gets. As the player you will be dealt two cards face up and the bet is whether the third card dealt will be between the first two. Ace is high and suits have no relevance. An ante bet must be placed before the cards are dealt and there is the opportunity to place a raise bet if you like the look of your first two cards. In red dog gambling the number of cards that can possibly fit between the first cards dealt is called the spread and this can vary from zero to 11. All spreads from 4 to 11 pay out at even money but to encourage you to play even when the spread is small meaning that the chances of winning are small the payout odds increase. Normal red dog gambling odds are 2:1 for a spread of 3, 4:1 for a spread of 2 and 5:1 for a spread of 1. In the event of the spread of the red dog cards being zero which means that either you have two consecutive cards or a pair the hand is a tie and bets are cancelled but in a further twist if when gambling on red dog you have a pair, a third card will be dealt straight away and if that results in three of a kind you win at odds of 11:1. Red Dog gambling takes longer to explain than it does to play but it really is simplicity itself.