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Play 3 card brag against other players and not against the casino

By mr-gambling on 2011-10-11 10:15:04

Gambling in an online casino against other players rather than against the bank has it’s attractions to some players but the drawback is that there are very few casino gambling games that can be played in this format. The obvious game is poker and then there is Backgammon both of which require a substantial amount of skill but there is one other which is still popular in India and Nepal and that is 3 card brag. Gambling on 3 card brag was popular back in the sixties and has been overtaken by poker but it did feature in the movie “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” so you may have seen it played without realising what it was. 3 card brag gambling is not available everywhere but the online casino at BetFred does carry it; other online casinos have a version which is played against the bank and some have a similar gambling game called three card poker but the true gambling game must be played against other players. Having only three cards makes the value of hands very simple to follow and the sequence can be found on our 3 card brag page here at under the casino section. The betting is also very easy to follow and there are only two betting rounds, one after the first deal and the second after players have discarded cards and received new ones and there are limits on raises which means that you will not be subjected to an all in bet unless of course you are playing a no limit game which we would not recommend to beginners. Gambling on 3 card brag can involve bluffing and an interesting feature is the ability to play “blind” meaning that you bet without having seen your cards. This might at first seem a bit reckless but playing blind allows you to bet only half of the going bet. 3 card brag is a great gambling game and well worth a try at BetFred casino.