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Only Paddy Power casino has 3 card brag gambling

By mr-gambling on 2014-05-28 09:43:36

For those of you in the Irish gambling community who basically dislike playing against the house there is an alternative called 3 card brag which is a card game played against other players in a similar way to poker. Gambling on Brag appears to be available at only Paddy Power casino from those listed at although BetFred and Bet365 also list brag as one of their gambling games but those games are played against the house so are not brag gambling in its truest sense. To gamble on brag you will need to find a table with stakes that suit your pocket but one of the advantages of brag gambling over poker gambling is that there are limits on what can be placed as a bet which is a multiple of the table stakes so there is no such thing as an all in bet. Only three cards are dealt to each player when gambling on brag and there are two rounds of betting with a chance to change any or all of your cards between the betting rounds which can transform a poor hand into a very good one very quickly. The highest hand in brag is three threes which beats three aces and the value of hands is different from poker so check before you play. Another unique feature of brag gambling is the ability to play “blind” which effectively means that you are betting without having seen your cards. This may sound a strange way of going about things but when you realise that your bet is only half of those that have seen their cards and you have the chance to change all three cards anyway you can see why some brag players do this regularly. 3 card brag gambling rally is a great alternative to playing against the house and although it is a game of luck you would be advised to play for low stakes in the beginning until you have more experience of the game.