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Online scratch card gambling is very popular

By mr-gambling on 2015-03-09 11:55:02

Whilst Ireland is generally recognised as a gambling community, particularly when it comes to sports gambling on horse racing and football, there are of course a large number of people who would not consider themselves gamblers at all. What is true is that the growth of online casino gambling has attracted a strong following in the country, but many of those now playing gambling games online are probably also sports gambling fans. Where the gambling scene becomes more complicated is when you look at gambling on the lotteries or on scratch cards. There are a lot of people who do not consider themselves to be gamblers, but happily buy lottery tickets or scratch cards on a regular basis. Scratch cards in particular have become almost part of the weekly shop for many people, and although the initial surge in popularity of scratch cards has tailed off a little over recent years there are probably still more people gambling on scratch cards in Ireland than there are sports gambling or casino gambling. Purchasing a scratch card from a newsagent or supermarket has of course gone up in price since their introduction, but the online casino gambling sites have also recognised the appeal of scratch card gambling and most of the online gambling sites now offer a range of scratch card games at much lower prices. Online scratch card gambling games have the same appeal as purchasing a scratch card on the high street, because they provide the same instant results, but scratch card gambling online can cost as little as 0.1 euros per game on most online casino gambling sites. You have a choice of course and there are a wide range of online scratch card gambling games which can be played for higher stakes including one at Party casino which offers the chance to purchase a scratch card for as much as $500. Probably too much for most of us but at least the option is there.