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Online poker gambling is not just Texas Hold’em

By mr-gambling on 2013-01-25 12:31:00

There are several categories of gamblers now gambling on casino games at an online casino. There are those who are only interested in gambling on the multitude of slots and video slots that are now available, and there are those who concentrate on the more traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack, but the fastest growing online gambling sector is reported to be gambling on poker. The number of people in Ireland gambling on poker has seen a steady increase ever since poker tournaments started to be televised in the 1990’s, and the online casinos have boosted that number quite dramatically since becoming widely available. Texas Hold’em of course remains by far the most popular form of poker gambling in the country because it is the format used by the vast majority of poker tournaments all over the world, including the Irish Open which is now one of the most fiercely contested world titles. There are however several alternative poker gambling formats offered by many of the online casinos, some of which offer similar characteristics to Texas Hold’em with perhaps a little less risk of becoming embroiled in a hand which may cost us our entire budget. Take for example Omaha poker, which also uses five community cards but with each player holding four cards instead of two, of which they must use two in their showdown hand. Slightly less likely to lead to exceptionally large pots are the various forms of Stud poker now available online, with 7-card Stud gambling a particular favourite amongst the online poker gambling community. 5-card Stud poker is also available at many of the popular online casino sites, and you can even play that old favourite of the western films of our youth, 5-card Draw poker at some sites. If you enjoy gambling on poker and feel like a change check out our casino games pages for the rules of all these alternative poker gambling formats and give them a try.