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Online poker gambling continues to increase in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2013-09-02 12:40:23

Easy access to the internet has changed the lives of almost everyone in Ireland and the rest of the world, and how we spend our leisure time is just one example of this revolution. At, our primary interest is of course to examine how our gambling activities have changed as a result of the introduction of so many online gambling options, ranging from online sports gambling sites to casino gambling at the many online casinos we can now access. There is no doubt that sports gambling has always been very popular in Ireland, but has the internet increased the number of people gambling on sporting events or merely provided a more convenient way of doing it. Most observers do not think that more people are gambling on sports, but many do believe that casino gambling has increased and that more people are gambling on the huge range of gambling games they can now access online. The biggest increase is almost certainly in the number of people gambling on the slots, but there has also been a well-documented resurgence in other casino games, particularly poker. There is no doubt that poker gambling has seen a massive increase over recent years, particularly online at the online casinos or the specialised online poker forums. There are now a wide range of poker formats available online, ranging from Texas Hold’em which is the first choice for serious poker gambling fans, to simpler versions such as 5-card Draw poker. We have of course detailed the rules of all these poker gambling formats in our casino games pages, and we hope this information will help anyone thinking of getting involved with gambling on poker for the first time. We would suggest that new entrants to the poker gambling world start with less risky versions of the game such as Stud poker or Draw poker before moving on to the community card poker formats which tend to result in bigger pots and higher stakes. There are a number of community card poker formats available online, including Omaha poker, Red Dog and Pai Gow all of which offer an alternative experience to gambling on Texas Hold’em.