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Online gambling sites for Irish gamblers

By mr-gambling on 2015-10-25 14:27:22

If you are Irish and looking to try online gambling for the first time you will be faced with a vast choice and heavy advertising for free bets or in the case of online casinos huge bonuses but there is a site called which will give you a few tips about gambling online and where you might want to try. There are of course several versions of online gambling the largest of which are online sports gambling and online casino gambling but there is no requirement for you to do both at the same place and in fact suggests that simply because an online gambling site has both sports gambling and casino gambling does not mean that they are good at both. In fact suggests that a couple of the better online casinos to try have no sports gambling at all preferring instead to be online casino specialists. only makes recommendations about where to do your online gambling and although preference is for one of those listed on the site there is no pressure to choose one over the other and the final choice is always yours. This is because does not offer any form of gambling online and is therefore not competing with the online gambling sites that do such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes. There are also regular articles on the site about what is going on in the online gambling world which try to be topical depending on which sports season we are in and even describes some of the popular and less well known casino games that might be of interest. What is not is a tipster so if you are looking for a tip to win a horse race then is not the place to be but if you want help to decide where to place your bet then it is a good place to be.