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Online gambling simple enough with red dog

By mr-gambling on 2016-02-28 11:04:28

Sooner or later most online gambling fans will try their luck at an online casino but if you are not familiar with many online casino games there are always a few which are so simple they can be played by anyone and one of those is Red Dog. Gambling on Red Dog involves nothing more than a regular deck of cards from which two are dealt onto the table and the bet is whether the next card has a value which falls between the first two; it is that simple. Ace is high in red dog gambling so the best cards to have are the ace and a two which gives 44 cards which can win for you (11 cards from each suit). These 11 cards are called the spread. Note that in red dog gambling the third card must be between the other two and not equal to either of them. When gambling online at red dog you must first place an ante bet after which the two cards are dealt and you then have the option of folding and losing your ante bet or playing on in which case there is an additional bet required which is equal to the ante bet; the third card is then revealed. If your first two cards in red dog gambling are consecutive there is clearly no chance of a third falling between them so the ante bet is returned but if your first two cards are a pair there is a third card dealt automatically and if that makes three of a kind you win automatically at 11:1 and if not then your stake is returned. Clearly the less the spread when gambling on red dog the poorer are your chances of winning so to encourage bets on lesser spreads increased odds are offered. Most online casinos offer red dog gambling and it certainly is a quick and easy casino game to play.