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Online gambling provider in sanctions row

By mr-gambling on 2014-02-11 10:59:40 is a specialised online gambling site for Irish gamblers that not only can direct you to a safe environment for your online gambling needs but also brings you news and features from the wider world of gambling and in recent weeks there have been reports that Irish online gambling provider Paddy Power may have run into trouble in North Korea of all places. Paddy Power has featured before in the pages but it is generally for some advertising stunt which pushes the boundaries a little or for some special promotion but apparently this time the company was sponsoring US basketball player Dennis Rodman on a trip to North Korea where he was playing an exhibition match to promote relations between the two countries. However in reports seen by it states that Paddy Power gave gifts to Dictator Kim Jong-un to celebrate his 31st birthday which in itself is no crime but the value and contents of the gifts seems to be a point of controversy. One report seen by says that the gifts were in excess of $10,000 and contained Irish whiskey, crystal, Italian suits and a Mulberry handbag which is something that Paddy Power strongly denies although it does admit to giving a bottle of Jamesons, a decanter and two glasses. The issue is that North Korea is subject to sanctions from the EU which include a ban on exporting “luxury goods” which by chance includes high quality spirits and lead crystal glassware. has no opinion on the matter but it was interesting to see that the sponsorship was withdrawn after Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of his uncle. Whether this matter will go any further remains to be seen but will keep an eye open for any developments and in the meantime enjoy your online gambling.