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Online gambling at the live casino option of an online casino can be fun

By mr-gambling on 2017-05-19 10:02:01

There are many people that although they enjoy their online gambling much prefer to go to a live event such as horse racing which of course costs time and effort as well as money. However when gambling online at an online casino it is possible to go live while still being at home with an option called live casino. Live casino is available at virtually all online casinos available to Irish casino players and it is the next best thing to being at an actual casino although it is not quite the same. Part of the attraction of a real casino is being able to share in the joy of other people playing and winning or losing as well as playing yourself and some of the casino games such as Craps for example can get quite noisy. It can also form part of a night out as most good casinos also have food and drink available. Unfortunately in Ireland we do not have such luxuries so we need to go farther afield to enjoy this type of entertainment. There is however the live casino option of your chosen online casino where there are live dealers actually spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards but unfortunately there is no interaction with other players as you cannot see what is going on with them.

The live casino seems to have been brought into being for two reasons; one was to give players a partial feeling of being in an actual casino and the second was to avoid the use of random number generators. Random number generators are responsible for selecting the next number or the next card on all casino games in online casinos and they have been in existence for many years. They have a number of uses in the modern world as well as online casinos such as in online banking where you have a card reader or probably the most famous use is in the UK where ERNIE is used to select winners in their Premium Bonds arrangement. ERNIE which is the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment has been around since the 1950s so RNGs are hardly new. Despite this and the fact that most good online casinos have their RNGs regularly checked for randomness there are those who do not trust them. This is especially true when players are on a losing streak and want something to blame apart from bad luck. Live casino does of course do away with the need for RNGs but whether that means your chances of winning are better is doubtful. Online casinos have no need to tamper with RNGs as they have a margin anyway on all casino games so they are always going to win in the end. This does not of course mean that the casino will win every time or that players will lose every time as any regular player will testify. Some days you win, other days you lose but evry day is entertainment.

The live casinos are in fact not casinos at all and with a couple of exceptions are simple rooms which have been equipped with the necessary casino tables and cameras to transmit the proceedings to your device. These rooms can be anywhere although Eastern European countries seem to be a favourite location and they are usually available 24 hours a day 7 days a week which clearly means shift work for the dealers. All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino have their live casino rooms based in an actual casino building in Malta although even then it is a separate room. It is of course impossible to transmit live pictures from an actual casino floor as players generally do not like being recorded while gambling and even walking into a bookmakers shop is thought by some to be somehow nit right. This situation has improved dramatically over recent years as bookmakers have cleaned up their shops and made them much brighter thus reducing the stigma of gambling. Many people however will still not admit to gambling online in the privacy of their own home let alone wanting to be seen in a casino. Funnily enough it seems that the wealthy have less of a problem when it comes to being seen in a casino but maybe this is just an opportunity for them to show off their wealth by saying I can afford to lose.

The largest drawback of live casino gambling is the restricted number of casino games which are available. The two games which are always present are roulette and blackjack which are probably the two most popular casino games in any land based casino. Apart from those two games different online casinos offer different games with some playing Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is also known and others offering Casino Hold’em Poker or Caribbean Stud. The problem is that that the most played games at an online casino are casino slots and they are never available at a live casino option and in truth only in limited numbers at many casinos outside the USA where there are floors full of them. In the UK for example casinos are restricted to 20 machines no matter how big the casino is so getting onto one can be tricky. If you are slots player therefore the live casino option is no use to you at all. Usage figures of the live casino option bear out the fact that most online casino players stick to the normal online version. Should you wish to try out the lie casino then do so by all means; there is probably some form of bonus to be had for first time registrations at the live casino even though you may have an account at the normal online casino. Minimum stakes can be a little higher than minimum stakes at the regular online casino but still less than at an actual casino where a minimum of €10 is not unusual. You can generally choose your dealer as well as your game so if you like the look of one of them give it a go.