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Online gambling is mostly a combination of luck and skill

By mr-gambling on 2012-11-28 09:56:43

Online gambling covers a vast array of gambling games of which some are a question of luck and some are a question of skill but most are a combination of both but one question that has not yet been answered satisfactorily is whether poker is a game of skill or chance. We all know that gambling on roulette is pure luck but gambling on horse racing for example is not simply pure luck although there is clearly some bad luck involved if your horse gets brought down but in a recent newspaper article picked up on a simple definition of a game of luck being one where you could not deliberately lose which fits perfectly for roulette gambling or slots gambling but we believe that it would be pretty easy to deliberately lose when gambling on poker although we have never actually tried. There must be an element of luck in any form of online gambling as pure skill games such as chess are not played at an online casino but how much luck and how much skill varies according to the casino game in question. When gambling on blackjack for example it would be very easy to deliberately lose by drawing cards until you bust on every hand but that does not make it a game of pure skill; you still need to have luck to draw the right cards even though you can calculate the probability of needed cards being dealt. The same applies to poker gambling where you could try to lose by going all in on a rubbish hand; if you do that on your first two cards anything might happen in the remaining five cards dealt and if you did it at the end the other players might fold leaving you with the win. Online gambling is a combination of skill and luck in most gambling forms except in pure luck gambling games such as slots or roulette.