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Online gambling is always real time but live casino offers live dealers

By mr-gambling on 2018-04-17 11:15:19

One of the more recent additions to the line up which online casinos offer online gambling customers is the live casino option sometimes called the live dealer option which is actually a much better description of what is on offer. All online casinos are live in as much as that the gambling which is happening is in real time but the difference between regular online casino play and live casino play is the way in which the next card or roulette number is determined. In an actual casino a card is turned by a dealer and in the live casino option it is exactly the same except that the dealer will be hundreds of miles away in a different country and the same goes for roulette where the wheel is actually spinning and the ball comes to rest in a number. When gambling online in regular online casino play this is not possible so all online casinos use what is known as a Random Number Generator or RNG which is basically a piece of electronic equipment which can randomly select a number within given parameters. These RNGs have been around for a long time with perhaps the most famous being the one used for the UK Premium Bonds scheme which is called ERNIE. Without RNGs online casinos could not operate but the secret is to keep them completely random. Good online casinos such as those listed at have their RNGs checked by a third party at regular intervals as it is as much in the interests of the online casino as it is the punter that they work properly.

Despite this there are always those players who have an inherent lack of trust in anything electronic and that includes RNGs. Not surprisingly the feeling that the RNG is not working correctly is more prevalent when the player is losing. When winning they are working perfectly. The truth is that no online casino has any need to try to mess about with an RNG even if they could as the edge they have is sufficient to make a profit over the longer term. There will be periods of time when the casino loses and the players win which is partly what keeps gambling online interesting but given enough players and a long enough time frame the casino will come out on top. The live casino option was created basically to alleviate the feelings of those who distrust the RNG by offering a simulated real casino experience and it works by allowing the player to see the cards being dealt or the roulette wheel being spun by using web cams with pictures streamed directly to your PC or other device. For some reason most of these live casinos are set in Eastern European countries which can only imagine is due to low wages being paid although that is purely an assumption. There are exceptions to this such as at All Irish Casino or Fun Casino where the live casino is streamed from an actual casino building in Malta. This is not of course the actual casino floor but remains a separate area and still uses cameras. Malta is one the premier places for online gambling in Europe with several companies being based there and being licensed there so it should be no surprise to find that online casinos operate from there.

Live casinos do have a place in the online gambling world but they are no substitute for the standard online casino mainly due to the limited casino games which are available in this format. As a simple example casino slots which are probably the most played of all casino games are not at live casinos so this immediately excludes a great number of players. Also excluded are casino games where interaction with the players is involved such as Craps. In Craps it is the player who throws the dice and not the dealer. An RNG can also do the job which is why Craps can be found at regular online casinos but nobody is going to trust a dealer to throw the dice as would need to happen if Craps were to be offered at the live casino option. For roulette and blackjack live casino is great.

Missing out on casino slots means missing out on the jackpot games which is one of the main reasons why people play them. The chance to make a lot of money from a small stake is a big attraction. Casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette will only provide very large winnings when relatively large stakes are involved. The maximum odds in Blackjack is 6:4 and even in roulette it is only 35:1 for a single number whereas millions of Euro can be made on casino slots for stakes of a few Euro. Many of the jackpot casino slots which are available at online gambling sites offer a number of different jackpots. For example the casino slot Mega Fortune™ which is available at several of the listed online casinos has three different jackpots which are the Rapid jackpot, the Major Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot. Different contributions from each spin mean that the jackpots differ in size considerably but of course the smaller jackpot is more likely to be won than the larger jackpot. Mega Moolah™ which is one of the most popular casino slots with jackpots actually has four different ones called Mini. Minor, Major and Mega. Some jackpot slots require the player to be staking the maximum per line in order to win the biggest jackpot but even when that is not the case most of them will advise that the higher your bet the greater are the chances of winning a progressive jackpot. Both of these jackpot slots and many others are available at All Irish Casino and Fun Casino. Gambling online can produce huge profits but never play with money that you cannot afford to lose. All online gambling should remain fun as the first priority and winnings are purely an added bonus.