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Online gambling has expanded with the coming of online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2017-12-05 12:34:13

Some would have all believe that gambling online is the greatest cause of gambling addiction but that ignores the fact that there are many for whom online gambling is a definite bonus. In Ireland there are very many folk who have been gambling for years but they have always had to visit the local bookmaker to place their bets. This is not only time consuming but in adverse weather conditions is definitely unpleasant. Bookmakers have improved their shops immensely over the past few years in an attempt to attract people but there is still nothing quite so easy as being able to place your bets from the comfort of your own home at any of the online gambling sites. The existing bookmakers have not been slow to spot this and they more or less all offer online gambling alongside their high street shops. The exceptions to this are either very small local bookmakers or those online gambling companies that specialise in online casinos rather than sports gambling. There are very many online casino companies available to the Irish casino public some of which look remarkably similar to each other in the casino games which they offer and in fact search for something else to differentiate themselves. The reason they can look similar is simply because they use the same casino software. Casino software has become a very specialised business over the years as the casino games have become more and more complicated, particularly in the area of casino slots so that now there are far more online casinos then there are casino software companies.

Gambling online has enabled people in Ireland to gamble at casinos online when they may never have been to a casino before and many appreciate this new form of entertainment but as many online casinos offer the same casino games it can be difficult to decide which of the many to choose. As an example lists three online casinos that use pretty much the same casino software throughout and they are All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino but they each have a different approach to attracting new players. All Irish Casino is probably the most traditional of the three offering a deposit matching scheme whereby the casino will match your first very first deposit into the casino 100%. This means that if you make a €100 deposit the online casino will give you another €100 to play with. As with all similar bonus schemes the bonus money is placed into a bonus account rather than your playing account and although it is available to play any of the casino games there are requirements to be met before that bonus money can be withdrawn. In a way this is simply to protect the online casino from people who sign up to get the bonus and then withdraw it immediately. All Irish Casino is better than most as it does offer regular deposit matching bonuses to all players whereas some will offer such a bonus only to new players as a one off.

No Bonus Casino takes a different approach to the question of bonuses in online gambling by not offering them at all. This would normally put the casino at a disadvantage when compared to others that do but the alternative on offer could be much better for some. What No Bonus Casino offers instead of a casino bonus is cash back if you lose. The system is simple enough and says that if you make a deposit into your casino account on any given day and manage to lose the whole of that deposit in the same day by playing any of the casino games then 10 % will be refunded the very next day without any claim being necessary. This really is generous and there are two very important points which make it even better. Firstly is that the cash back is placed directly into your playing account which means that it is yours to do what you like with. You can carry on playing or you can leave it there for later or if you wish you can also remove it from your account altogether. The second important thing is that the offer is not only for new players on the casino but is available to every player on every deposit made into their casino account. There are very few online gambling companies that have a comparable bonus offer with so much freedom.

The third mentioned online casino is Freespins Casino and again they have opted for a slightly different approach to the casino bonus question. There is no bonus as such at freespins casino but what they do offer is free spins on a selection of casino slots on every deposit made. The actual number of free spins is proportional to the size of the deposit with larger deposits attracting a proportionally larger number than smaller deposits but the actual number will also depend on which of the casino slots you choose to play your free spins at. When playing for free and winning real money it is pretty much impossible to lose so logically there are requirements to be met before any of the winnings can be withdrawn. This play through is 50 times which is quite severe but on the other hand you will have had a lot of fun playing without any cost to yourself.

The choice really is therefore whet her you want a one off bonus when you first join or in the case of All Irish Casino regular deposit matching bonuses or whether you prefer something that is not actually a bonus but offers cash back or a lot of free spins. Sports gambling companies also offer bonuses on occasions but these are generally in the form of free bets to a certain value which is nothing in comparison to the bonuses mentioned above for the online casino companies. Promotions change quite frequently so it is always worth taking a look at the promotions page at any online casino to see what the current offer is.