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Online gambling continues to grow in popularity

By mr-gambling on 2015-12-16 12:09:08

Regular visitors to will know that we do our best to keep up with all the developments in the world of online gambling, including the increasing movement towards online sports gambling and more recently the surge in interest in online casino gambling. As far as sports gambling is concerned we have always loved gambling on sporting events here in Ireland and the move towards sports gambling online as opposed to visiting our local betting shop would appear to be no different from our move towards online shopping in general. There is a difference however, and that is in the range of sports we are now able to follow online and the fact that we can now enjoy gambling on our favourite sports almost all year round. The situation regarding casino gambling is very different and whereas the number of people enjoying gambling on sport has not changed that much, whereas the number of people playing gambling games online has increased dramatically. Those of us who started playing casino gambling games at a real casino have welcomed the opportunity to play more of the traditional casino gambling games than ever before, but it is obvious that the real reason for the increase in the number of people playing gambling games online lies in the huge range of new games which the online casino gambling sites offer their customers. It is probably true that many sports gambling fans started playing casino games because the first online casinos were all introduced by the major bookmakers as an extension to their sports gambling sites, but since then we have seen a number of specialist casino gambling sites such as the All Irish casino steadily building a loyal customer base. The online casino gambling sites have obviously taken advantage of their lack of space restrictions by offering a huge range of slots games, but they have also tapped into other established gambling sectors such as bingo and the lotteries, both of which already had a big following. Again another reason for their success and why so many more people are playing online gambling games.