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Online gambling at online casinos is still increasing in popularity

By mr-gambling on 2018-08-31 15:19:29

Online sports gambling has been in operation for several years and for the obvious reason of not having to go to the bookmaker is gaining in popularity. When it comes to online casino gambling however there was never a real alternative for the vast majority of would be Irish casino players before online casinos came along but that has not stopped thousands of players registering and playing at the many online casinos on offer today. In the very beginning of online casino gambling it was much easier to simply sign up to the online gambling site that players were already using, and many players will have simply stayed there, but as online casinos have developed there is far more choice available and some of them are better than the originals in the opinion of There are in fact no less than 12 online casinos mentioned on the site although the home page makes only recommendations about what are considered the top three and all of those are casino gambling specialists offering no other forms of gambling online. It could be this focus on casino gambling which enables them to be more in tune with what the Irish casino player is looking for.

All Irish Casino is a very typical example by being established specifically for the Irish market although players from several other countries are now active on the site. All Irish Casino has also developed their offering by adding more casino games which is done mostly by adding new casino software such as Amatic Industries who produce games under the Amanet brand name. Casino slots, in particular, were becoming so advanced and complicated that it became impossible to actually check every winning combination. Of course the casino software does this for you but it is much more enjoyable to be able to see it for yourself. Amanet casino gambling games are often much simpler making them easy to follow. There are even three reel slots which are considered by many to be a thing of the past. The other casino software in use at All Irish Casino is either from Netent or Microgaming both of which are large companies in the casino software business and offer an extended range of casino slots. Both have the very complicated five reel slots that carry enormous jackpots which regularly run into the thousands of Euro. All Irish Casino has gambling licenses both from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. These two authorities are possibly the best known authorities in Europe for online gambling which should make you feel very comfortable from a security point of view which is very important.

Second on the list is an online casino called No Bonus Casino. This online casino was born from the idea that most online casinos offer a bonus to new players as indeed do most sports gambling sites. Bonuses at sports gambling are very straightforward in that they are free bets of one sort or another with generally the only proviso being that when you win the stake is not returned as it would be with a normal bet. Casino gambling do not offer free bets so instead they offer what is called deposit matching bonuses whereby the casino will give you money which 100% matches the size of your first ever deposit into your account. Some will also have offers on your second or third deposits but generally at a lower percentage than 100%. The big difference between these two bonuses is that whereas your sports gambling bonus is placed as a onetime bet and you win or lose the casino bonus must be staked anything up to 40 times before you get your hands on any winnings. This 40 times will be even higher if you decide on gambling the bonus money at roulette or blackjack. No Bonus Casino decided that this is not what Irish casino players were looking for in their online gambling so they came up with an alternative in the form of cash back.

The cash back system at No Bonus Casino is in fact very simple and sys that if you make a deposit into your casino account today and manage to lose it all by gambling online at any of the casino games on the site on the same day then the very next day you will get 10% cash back. There are one or two other minor requirements such as there should be no more than €10 in your account at the time but the principle remains the same. When the online casino says cash back it means just that; the cash is placed into your playing account and is yours to do with as you wish which includes withdrawing it. The other excellent thing about this offer is that it is available to all players, not just new players, on every deposit they make into their online casino account. Giving cash back to people who lose when gambling online is rather unusual but there it is which is partly why it is number two on the list.

Third on the casino gambling list is Fun casino which has again been born from an idea that Irish casino players are looking for something a bit different. In this case it was considered that some of the larger online casino gambling firms have forgotten that casino play should be fun and that players should not just be a number. Fun Casino also places great emphasis on the act that for casino gambling to remain fun it must be enjoyed with money that is well within the means of the player. It is of course impossible for an online casino to decide what is within the means of very individual so it must come down to the player to do so. Fun Casino places the responsibility with the player but offers all sorts of ways in which players can limit themselves to remain in the fun zone. This can be bet size or deposit limits or various other things. If players do not place their own limts then the house limits will apply.