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Online gambling at a live casino option is limited

By mr-gambling on 2019-05-30 12:12:50

Online gambling seems to be the subject of quite a bit of negativity in recent times and most of it is targeted at the companies responsible not doing enough to protect the small minority who cannot control their gambling and get into trouble. Gambling online for the large majority of people is simply an enjoyable pastime and the fact that it is online simply means more convenience and takes away the visit to the local bookmaker but probably does not mean placing more or higher bets than would be the case if there were no online gambling. For sports gambling this is possibly true but for Irish casino players online gambling has brought live casino which is a completely new field. Unfortunately Ireland is one of the very few countries that has no land based casinos which means playing casino games is quite new to many people but that does not change the fact that most folk will take advantage of the excitement which casino games can offer without getting into any form of financial difficulty. The latest rumours suggest that using a credit card to make a deposit into your online gambling account will not be permitted. Unfortunately this is the most common form of depositing although not the cheapest and will therefore make life more inconvenient for the majority. It has also to be questioned whether a credit card ban will make any difference to somebody with a gambling addiction. Gambling in any form whether online or not should not be done with borrowed money so credit cards should only be used if the holder has the wherewithal to pay it off on the due date.

Online casinos probably offer more gambling opportunities than sports gambling as games can last a matter of seconds but that is to a certain extent the attraction. There is nothing that can compete with watching a horse race live and how that unfolds when you have a few Euro on it but having to wait another 35 minutes before the next race can be annoying. Casino games such as roulette or blackjack however can also be exciting in a different way and still get the adrenalin flowing and if you prefer live action to something computer driven there is the live casino option at virtually every online casino. Should you not be aware of the difference, regular online casino games are driven by what is known as a random number generator which determines the next card or number but in the live casino you can actually see the cards being dealt or the roulette wheel being spun. These live casinos are simply rooms, which can be anywhere, which have been fitted out with the necessary card and roulette tables plus strategically placed cameras from which pictures can be streamed to your computer or other device so that you can see what is going on. The cards are then dealt by a dealer rather than by a random number generator. As long as the random number generator gives random results then the chances of winning at the regular online casino or the live casino are the same. Every online casino listed at this site has their RNGs checked by third parties on a regular basis to make sure the results are random. It is actually as much in the interest of the casino as the player for the results to be random as any weakness would quickly be spotted by players who would then take advantage.

There will always be players who think that RNGs are rigged when they hit a losing streak but it never seems to be a problem when they are winning but for them there is always live casino. The live casino rooms can, as stated above, be located anywhere but the most popular place appears to be Eastern Europe. There are a couple of exceptions such as No Bonus Casino or CasinoCasino where the live casino is operated in conjunction with an actual casino in Malta called the Portomaso Casino. The live casino for online gambling is still a separate room as streaming pictures over the internet of the actual casino floor would not be allowed and even if it were players would almost certainly not go if they thought that was happening. The advantage of having the live casino on the same premises is that the dealers should at least be well trained and professional. Malta is a very popular place for all kinds of online gaming and many online casinos are registered and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. The whole sector known as e-gaming is now a major employer on the island.

The only real drawback to live casino as it is presented at online casinos is that there are very few casino games available as it is only those that need a dealer which can be considered. Roulette and Blackjack are always there and there is a good chance that Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is also known will be present. The most played category of casino gambling is however casino slots and they are never available at the live casino option so many will have never looked beyond their regular online casino play but if you are a slots player that is not an issue. Most online casinos have literally hundreds of slots to choose from and if they don’t then maybe it is time to change casinos. To get such a range of slots online casinos need to carry several versions of casino software on the site as each software supplier only has a limited number of games plus they tend to specialise in certain features. For example if players are looking for slots with the huge progressive jackpots that run into the millions of Euro they will need to find online casinos that carry Microgaming or NetEnt software whereas players looking for more simple slots that are easier to follow will need to casino slots from Amatic. No Bonus Casino and Fun Casino carry all three of these softwares so the choice is yours.