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Online gambling at a casino is very popular in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2018-12-05 10:27:16

Online gambling in Ireland is becoming more and more popular as visiting the local bookmaker becomes more of a chore especially as we are going into the winter period. Who wants to go out in the wind and rain to place a bet when you can do everything from the comfort of your own home? The fact is, of course, that you can do far more from home as concerns gambling online than you can at any of the bookmakers. For instance, no bookmaker has any sort of casino gambling but online casinos are plentiful and the choice of casino games is incredible. Ireland is particularly well served with online casinos as legislation is pretty relaxed with an online casino only requiring a license to operate issued from somewhere in Europe. Most good online casinos are licensed and operated under the jurisdiction of one of the major online gaming centres which are Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man or Alderney with Malta and Gibraltar being the main two. Interestingly even Paddy Power casino does not operate out of Ireland as you might expect. It will also not surprise you to know that a low tax environment is a common denominator amongst these countries. Online gambling in Malta is probably the second most important industry with only tourism ahead of it and very many people are employed there. The fact that there are so many online casinos offering online gambling can also create a dilemma as to where is best but fortunately online gambling portals such as can help.

There are several online casinos listed on the site as being correctly licensed and well run casinos  but the top three in their opinion are All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Fun Casino and they each have something different o offer. All Irish Casino has been established to cater for the Irish casino market specifically offering the type of casino games which are likely to appeal to Irish players whilst at the same time keeping the language as simple as possible. Nobody really wants to read through pages and pages of terms and conditions just to have a little gamble on a roulette wheel or a slot machine. There are of course certain things which are required by law to be set out and this is particularly true when registering n account for the first time. Every online casino has to determine who they are dealing with to avoid things like fraud and money laundering so don’t be upset if you have to answer a few simple questions. Although All Irish Casino was set up to cater for Irish casino players it has attracted quite a few players from other countries probably drawn by the fact that Irish people are considered lucky by many. The casino itself uses casino software from several sources which gives a much wider range and choice of games than with a single supplier. Some of those casino software companies are in the top echelons such as NetEnt or MIcrogaming whilst others are lesser well known names such as Amanet or Thunderkick. This combination means that the large slots jackpots which regularly run into the millions of Euro are available but also simple three reel slots are not forgotten.

No Bonus Casino is interesting as it takes a different approach to online gambling bonuses. Sports gambling sites are often seen offering free bets for new registrations while online casinos offer what appear to be huge cash bonuses. The most common form of online casino bonus is what is known as a deposit matching bonus whereby the casino promises to match your first ever deposit into your casino account Euro for Euro. There are occasions when there are matches of your second, third or even fourth deposits as well but these are never Euro for Euro. They will be a much lower rate. The main issue with this sort of bonus is that the bonus money is placed separate from your own deposit so although you can access your own money to make a withdrawal you cannot get at the bonus money. In order for the bonus money to become accessible it needs to be staked a number of times on certain casino games. In this way the online gambling company hopes to win back the bonus money before the player gets a chance to withdraw it. The other issue is that this is a special offer for new players only so once you have registered and had your bonus that’s it. No Bonus Casino takes a different approach by not offering a bonus to anybody which might make it uncompetitive except that instead of a bonus this casino offers cash back if you lose and it is remarkably simple in its operation. If you make a deposit into your casino account on any given day and somehow manage to lose it all on the same day by playing any of the casino games on site then 10% will be refunded the very next day. This cash back is exactly what it says, it is cash and it placed into your casino account alongside your own money so unlike the casino bonus which was spoken about above, this cash is available to do with as you wish which includes removing it from your account if you so wish. This is also not a special offer for new registrations as it is available to every player on every deposit regardless of how long you have been a registered player.

The third casino on the list is called Fun Casino  and as well as being correctly licensed, as are all three, and using a selection of casino software companies, focuses on the fact that gambling online in any form should remain fun and the best way to do that is to place limits on yourself in terms of how much you can gamble or for how long. Virtually all online casinos these days have to offer some possibilities for a player to restrict themselves but Fun Casino takes that one step further by saying if you don’t place your own limits when creating an account then the standard restrictions will apply.