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Online casino gambling enhanced by the live casino option

By mr-gambling on 2018-09-08 09:23:30

Most Irish people like to have a bit of a flutter now and again but that might take different forms for different people. The very cautious will be those who play one or other of the lotteries while those more adventurous but still not reckless will possibly play Bingo which is of course also available in online casinos. More adventurous will get into sports gambling or even live casino gambling but the latter is really only available as online gambling in Ireland as proper brick and mortar casinos are not available. Nearly all online casinos have what they call a live casino option where you can sit and play and have a conversation with a dealer but it is not a real substitute for an actual casino and never can be. The problem with live casino is that there are no other players and a lot of the fun of casino gambling in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo or wherever is watching other people and how they react to winning or losing. Of course it is fun and exciting to play casino games yourself but very few folk walk into a casino to play for an hour and then leave; most are there for an evening’s entertainment and will spend several hours eating, drinking, playing and watching.

Live casino cannot match this although there is nothing stopping you from eating and drinking at home and playing for that matter but watching is not possible. It would be reasonable to wonder, then, why some Irish casino players elect to use the live casino option as opposed to regular online casino play. There are two possible answers to this the first of which is to make casino gambling a bit less of a singular experience. Most regular online casino players will play on their own, some out of boredom, some for the entertainment value and some with the purpose of making money rather than the hope of making money so if you want a bit of company live casino offers the option of having a chat with a dealer or croupier. The second reason is that all online casinos use what are called random number generators (or RNGs for short) to determine the next card or number on a roulette wheel and some folk have a natural distrust of these. RNGs have been around for a long time and have a number of uses apart from online casino gambling so a properly calibrated RNG is perfectly safe and of course random. All online casinos listed on the site have their RNGs checked regularly to ensure randomness as it is in fact as much in the casinos interest to make sure it is random as it is the players. Any non randomness would be quickly picked up by players and with modern communication would be very quickly spread around with dire consequences to the online casino.

It should also be noted that an online casino has no need to cheat in any way to make money as all casino games have what is known as a house edge which may be small but means that over time the house will end up winning. This does not of course mean that the casino wins every time for every person. If it did the number of people playing would diminish very quickly and in fact the opposite is true. People are winning large amounts on a very regular basis at online casinos and in fact on some of the casino slots millions of Euro can be won and somebody has to win it. It is however quite understandable that when players hit a losing streak, which happens from time to time, something or somebody has to be to blame and the RNG is an easy target. Strangely enough it is never an issue on those days where a player can do nothing wrong and continues to win time after time. Live casino does away with the RNG which might make players feel better but the chances of winning or losing are not changed. Casino gambling is great fun whether you use the regular online casino or the live casino but it remains a form of entertainment and not a way of making money.

The other drawback of live casino is the restricted number of casino games which are available. If you are a roulette or blackjack player then live casino has no restrictions for you as every one of them has a good selection of games at various staking levels which can be much higher than at regular online casinos but if you prefer casino slots then live casino has nothing to offer. Casino slots do not require a dealer and are therefore not present at live casino options. Other casino games that you might find include Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is sometimes known or even Caribbean Stud or Casino Hold’em but the most popular are without doubt roulette and blackjack. Which online casino has the best live casino is open to debate because all live casinos have the same casino games so it probably comes down to a choice of dealer. The live casino option is always broadcast from a specially equipped room rather than an actual casino and even casinos such as All Irish Casino which uses the premises of an actual casino on Malta do not use the actual casino floor. particularly likes the idea of using the premises of an actual casino even if it is a separate room as it is probably the same professional properly trained staff that operate in the live casino as well as the real casino. This doesn’t improve your chances of winning but they are possibly less likely to screw up. One of the most likely areas of error is in an actual casino is the calculating of winnings at roulette where there are different bets on the same number but at least at the live casino option of an online casino this is done by the casino software.