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Online bingo gambling is thanks to the smoking ban

By mr-gambling on 2014-01-30 13:55:48

When online gambling started a few years ago gambling on Bingo was not part of the original plan but the smoking ban in public spaces meant that many bingo players either did not go or spent the breaks between games outside smoking. Either way the bingo halls suffered as they also generated a lot of their income from the casino slots that were played between games. It did not take long for the online gambling companies to spot an opportunity and now virtually all online gambling providers have a bingo gambling section, the exceptions being the online casino specialists who do not have the interactive software which is required. In fact gambling on bingo online has become so popular that there are several sites which are bingo only sites although even those have a few casino games for in between bingo games but such is the frequency of bingo games that there need be no time between games. Gambling on bingo has reached the stage where you can join several games at the same time and buy more cards than you could ever hope of keeping track of and it is all automatic, meaning that you will never miss a win. Another factor that has possibly increased bingo gambling is that more males are taking part than before. In the days of bingo gambling being exclusively in bingo halls it was a female dominated clientele but since online bingo has evolved everybody has an avatar and a player name which can be anything and certainly need not suggest that you are male or female. Only the online gambling site with which you have registered will know how many men and women are playing and they of course are not telling anyone but there are bingo gambling sites that target women in particular although we doubt they will turn away men who want to register.