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Many sports gambling fans enjoy gambling on snooker

By mr-gambling on 2016-05-16 12:33:05

Apart from the obvious top two sports gambling activities in Ireland, namely football and horse racing, there are a number of other sports which also attract keen followers almost all year round. One of these is undoubtedly snooker, a sport seemingly perfect for those who enjoy in-play sports gambling. The success of snooker as a spectator sport and a gambling sport is of course entirely down to television coverage in the early days following the introduction of Pot Black, and although there is now less coverage on terrestrial television than there used to be gambling on snooker remains a very popular form of sports gambling. The reason we are discussing snooker gambling in this article is that this month sees the official start of the 2016/2017 season. The professional players will start to accumulate prize money which over the course of the season will enable them to qualify for the major tournaments at the end of the season. The players and snooker gambling fans start the season with qualifying for the Indian Open, the World Open and the Riga Masters, all taking place in Preston from May 28th. Over the next eight months snooker gambling enthusiasts will be watching all the top players trying to make the top 32 by the beginning of February 2017 to qualify for the World Grand Prix which is the first of the snooker tournaments where entry is dependent on prize money earned in the season and the resulting ranking points. Next up are three further ranking tournaments, the Welsh Open, the Shoot Out and the Gibraltar Open after which only the top 16 will qualify for the Players Championship. The next eight months will be an exciting period for sports gambling fans who enjoy gambling on snooker, and of course for the players as they attempt to make the cut for these two prestigious tournaments.